by Evelyn Streett


es-225-x225-headshot.jpgEvelyn Hoopes Streett has had a lifelong passion for transformation that deepened on March 6, 1981, when her own spiritual journey began.

Raised in a Quaker family in the Shore Area of New Jersey, Evelyn attended George School, a Friends high school in Newtown, Pennsylvania. When she was 12 she read, The Cross and the Switchblade. Her mother, noticing this borrowed book, commented she’d heard of the author and that he was “a good man who helped people.” Those kind, insightful words planted a “seed” in Evelyn’s heart that came to fruition a decade later through a life-transforming decision.

A new resident of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in 1981, Evelyn was driving by the Convention Center one day when the marquee caught her attention: “David Wilkerson Crusade.” Immediately she thought, “That’s the man Mom talked about!” A few days later, Evelyn found herself drawn to attend the crusade. There David Wilkerson’s words spoke directly to her heart: “If there’s anyone here tonight who doesn’t know beyond a shadow of a doubt if you were to die right now that you’d be with God in Heaven, please come forward.” His invitation was God’s invitation. She accepted, asking Jesus Christ to be her Lord, Savior and Friend.

Since then Evelyn has been on an exciting journey with God that has included participating on various ministry teams, including Shiloh Place Ministries,  and serving as a Restoring the Foundations (RTF) minister.