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Books by RTF Ministers

Mark and Julie Buckman

As Restoring the Foundations Healing House Network Ministers, Mark and Julie have a passion for seeing hurt and broken people set free and released into their calling, purpose, and destiny. After 20 years of … (read more)

Marilyn Gray

Marilyn Gray is a woman after God’s own hear who has overcome addictions and survived cancer. She and her husband, are ordained ministers and founders of Freedomtrain Ministries. They have … (read more)

Mike and Michelle Green

Mike Green and his wife, Michelle, are licensed and ordained by Healing House Network International. Together they have provided Christ-centered, Bible-based counseling for more … (read more)

Bruce and Evelyn Miles

Bruce and Evelyn are Prayer Ministers with the Healing House Network, a Restoring The Foundations Ministry, and co-founders of You are God’s Chosen Ministry. They live in Toronto, Canada. Bruce used … (read more)

Linda Shoplock

Linda Shoplock is an ordained minister with Restoring The Foundations Healing House Network in Hendersonville, North Carolina. She writes about the domestic abuse in her life and from her experiences(read more)

Evelyn Hoopes Streett

Evelyn Hoopes Streett has had a lifelong passion for transformation that deepened on March 6, 1981, when her own spiritual journey began...(read more)

Kathy Tolleson

Kathy Tolleson is an international author, speaker and spiritual counselor. She has been ordained with Christian International for over 20 years and has a B.A. degree from Stetson University. Her prophetic … (read more)