Jewels of Wisdom

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Do you sometimes wonder if God is talking to you?

Are you looking for direction and purpose in your life?

Do you need practical spiritual guidance for everyday living?

You are not alone. Jewels of Wisdom is a devotional from God's heart. Yes, the God who knows your struggles, witnessed your past, and sees your present-that God has plans for your future and wants to guide you into your destiny. At times we are unwise, selfish, and bent on following our own plans without regard for God and His ways. But just as we value and prize the jewels of the earth, we desperately need to value God's jewels of wisdom and receive His instruction. This book will teach you how to have a face-to-face encounter with Jesus as you hear His heart for you. In these short readings-written in His voice and accompanied by His Word-you will capture the insight and understanding you need to walk with God by your side. Get ready: the journey is going to be breathtaking, adventurous, and full of hope!

By Marilyn Gray - 272 pages