Meet the Secret Inhabitants of your Mind

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Meet the Secret Inhabitants of your Mind

By Bruce A Miles & Evelyne Deleuze-Miles

"Meet the Secret Inhabitants of Your Mind," is filled with ground- breaking insight into how our mind functions. Using clever pictorial images, symbolic characters of our mind are illustrated giving understanding on how our thoughts and actions are influenced. In order to heal many times we need issues to be revealed.

Readers comments on the book, “Meet the Secret Inhabitants of Your Mind”

 “I found the book opened my eyes about Jesus. It was easy to read and showed me many things I hadn’t realized before.

“This book was so helpful with my Christian walk. I am a happier person. I plan to read it again every year. I think people would really benefit from reading it.”

 “The voices of the characters became so real to me I could identify them as I went about my day. My identity in Christ was strengthened even though I am already a Pastor.”

 “This book is a weapon for the Kingdom of God. I bought ten after I read it and sold them to my friends. They loved it.”


Bruce and Evelyne are Healing House Network Ministers and the cofounders of You are God’s Chosen Ministry. They have ministered to people from around the world and regularly see God transforming and healing lives. Their goal is to connect you with the Father’s love and let Jesus heal your heart.