Shame Fear Control Stronghold

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By Chester and Betsy Kylstra. 3 CD Set.

Also available as an Mp3 Download

The Lord's revelation of the way that the strongholds of Shame, Fear and Control (SFC) work together as one stronghold to keep us in bondage and from our destiny is among the most profound understandings that we have received in our years of ministering freedom and healing to the Body of Christ. We are excited to bring this revelation to you to help you get free of this stronghold to whatever degree it is afflicting you and to equip you to help others obtain their freedom.

Shame, as differentiated from guilt, is that awful sense of "being uniquely and hopelessly flawed." Like rejection, it is a common malady for many of us as we have accepted the lie that "this is who I am," that our core personhood is one of Shame. This is the worst kind of Ungodly Belief, a false belief about our identity.

The three CDs contain approximately one and one half hours of teaching followed by an hour of ministry. We explain how the SFC stronghold obtains its grip on our lives. We also discuss some of the many different manifestations it can take in different people, depending on the strategy each one chooses to use to cover up the dreadful shame. We then present the ministry approach to for this super stronghold and proceed to minister to the audience. This ministry will start the process of getting free of the SFC stronghold.

We have one caution for you. A number of people have asked us to alert people about being careful if listening to these CDs while driving or doing some other activity that could be hazardous if you were to be distracted. More than one person have told us that they have experienced intense deliverance as they listened to the ministry portion of this teaching.

We pray God's protection for you as you study this material and listen to the CDs and that His freedom and healing come to you, setting you free from every way that the Shame Fear Control Stronghold has had a place in your life.




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    Posted by Chris Perhala on 14th Nov 2017

    The freedom I now have in Christ is beyond words! I've listened to this teaching several times and things have been broken off of me every time. I'm amazed at how much of our thinking and behavior is shaped by events that happened when we were young. So much of what we say and do goes unrecognized as distorted; let alone how negatively it affects those around us. I'm grateful that Jesus can redeem and heal these things even many, many years after the wounding. Thank you for providing this teaching. It is needed desperately throughout the body of Christ.

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    Shame Fear and Control

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2017

    It is an awesome teaching.

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    Powerful & Revelatory!

    Posted by Patty on 2nd Jun 2017

    A.Maz.Ing teaching & ministry prayer time!
    1 particular root of Shame exposed & gone, but many more to go! Thank you both for going before us, plowing the soil, submitting to God and gathering the tools necessary in setting others free!! Thank You Jesus!!

    Painfully Delicious!!


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    Renouncing my strongholds

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Mar 2016

    A helpful resource for we abused people. Renouncing strongholds verbally is helpful. Two things confuse me though. Although I followed the speaker and did and continue to do these things I found them confusing. One is confessing other peoples' sin. Maybe a different way of expressing it would be better in order to acknowledge and forgive. Ezekiel 18 seems to refute that particular language. The other is the idea of legal ground for demons to take up residence right along side the Lord in the temple of the Holy Spirit inside a christian. Their lies can live in our head and life I so know- but they themselves in us? Ephesians 4:30 among other passages seems to refute this phrase of language. All the rest of the teaching was very helpful.

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    Posted by Unknown on 13th Oct 2015

    Amazing information

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    review of S/F/C cds

    Posted by Sue Demmons on 31st Aug 2015

    Excellent! Good quality sound and dynamic, insightful teaching. Sharing with my pastor!

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    Posted by Katrina Neff on 19th Jun 2015

    3 months ago when my ministry team easily discerned that I have/had this shame-fear-control stronghold, I borrowed a copy, and hsve been listening to it ever since! I learn something more or am able to apply something more every time. In fact, it's on continuous play in my car. I find I can identify strongly with many of Chester's descriptions, as I had kept the shame hidden so well that I, too was unaware of it - didnt use the word ! And also as Betsy shared, I wrought much destruction in my family thru controlling the conversations in the house, not just at the dinner table. It is now too late to 'do it over' as they are all gone, but I know God is in the restoring business, and the relationships can be healed, eventually. So good to recognize the truth, after so many years of 'religious' darkness.

    Thsnk you so much for making this available!
    Blessings ~
    Katrina Neff

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    One of the best things that I have learned since I was saved

    Posted by Unknown on 29th May 2015

    No wonder churches are falling apart. The leaders need this. This has taken me to another level w God. Thank you for the insight. Wish I had this teaching years ago.