Would You Be Willing

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Would You Be Willing

Here is a story about an Inn and her people, from 2004 to 2017. More specifically, it’s about a beautiful old homey building, Echo Mountain Inn, that wrapped her protective arms around a fledgling ministry, Restoring The Foundations, and became part of the ministry’s success. Echo Mountain Inn was there when we needed her, during the years of consolidation, recognition, and great expansion.

You will enjoy the highlights, people, and pictures, which show the story of a passionate people working together with a faithful God.

The great blessing of Echo Mountain Inn will always be a part of our story.

For 25 years, Chester and Betsy have overseen Restoring The Foundations, a ministry dedicated to bringing God’s freedom and healing to the Bride of Christ. The ministry began with a revelation in 1985, and grew to impact churches, networks, and more than twenty nations. During their fulfilling years as Founders, they and those they have trained have seen thousands experience God in a fresh and healing way.