2013 Restoring The Foundations International Advanced Conference Mp3 Download

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2013 RTF International Advanced Conference

Downloadable Mp3 Audio

RTF and The Brain:  Thinking Believing Maturing

This Mp3 Audio set includes all 7 main conference messages as well as the 8 workshop sessions

Recorded live at the 2013 International Advanced Conference in North Carolina, this Mp3 set features the following teachings:

Main Conference Messages

  • Beauty and The Beast - with Dr. Tom Gross
  • The Brain as a Reality Emulator - with Dr. Tom Gross
  • Mystery of the Fellowship - with Dr. Tom Gross
  • The Brain and Application to RTF - with Cheria Guier
  • The Life Model: Joy, Capacity, Maturity - with Noel & Cynthia Jacobson
  • Saying Yes When God Calls - with Tom & Pam Devitt
  • Encountering God in RTF - with Chester Kylstra

Workshop Messages

  • How to Minister to Grief and Loss
  • Ministering to Those with a Health Crisis
  • Keys to Bringing the Father's Heart
  • Trauma in the Womb and the Birth Process
  • Trauma of Prejudice
  • Trauma of Loss Through Death and Suicide
  • Growth in Marketing Your Ministry
  • Preparing for Economic Crisis



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