Knowing and Releasing Your Authority Mp3 Download

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Knowing and Releasing Your Authority

Mp3 Downloadable Audio with Chester Kylstra

Jesus said, "I give you authority." Unfortunately, christians have generally neglected, failed, or not known how to receive and release their authority in their homes, neighborhoods, cities, states and nations. This CD set is designed to help you understand and act upon the biblical principles of authority.

CD 1 presents an important revelation that will settle your questions forever of whether or not you have the right and privilege to use God's authority. You will know how to declare and release God's will through the authority He has given to you.

CD 2 starts with the basics, to begin the transformation of your organization, whether it is your home, business or church. It progresses to your knowing how to confront the demonic principalities that contend with you for control of your organization.

CD 3 moves into church and city level warfare. Every church and every city has powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. Learn how to first identify them and then learn the Holy Spirit's strategy to defeat and remove them. Listen to this process being applied to bring down the "Empire Spirit" ruling over a city in England.


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