All request for order return, cancellation or refund will only be processed if requested via RTF Resources Web-store customer’s account.

You may submit your request once you login to your RTF Resources Webstore account, click on - Return Items option besides your order’s number.

Fill out providing as much information as you can about the reason why you are requesting to cancel or return your order.

This information will help us sort what is the issue and make things right with you ASAP.

Note that our office may need to request you to provide more information or proof of any failure to deliver to you what you purchased.


Be aware that once your request is accepted:

  • The final refund balance will be credited after any office’s costs are calculated and charged.
    • Note that we may only be able to give a partial refund.
  •  The amount will be credited as balance to your Resource’s account or refunded back to your credit card.
    • Note that it will help us if you specify how you want to receive your refund.
      • it is usually faster to have the amount credited to your Resources account balance.
      • refunds directed back to a credit card may take up to 10 business days to be processed end appear on your cc statement.

 Each case will be considered individually, and we will do our best to be reasonable and make things right with our customers without causing any harm to them or to the Ministry.