Physical Product - Availability & Special Orders

Physical Product - Availability & Special Orders

PRINT ON DEMAND: All paperback -books and guides- ordered via our RTF Resources webstore are send to one of our Printing Companies, allocated based on order’s information - delivery address, quantity, and product. Please note that our team will always look for ways to accommodate your order to the best possible service providing you with the best quality, delivery time, and security.


 DROPSHIPPING: Our Resources Office no longer stocks physical inventory and ships out materials from a warehouse -with a very few exceptions. Instead, all orders for books and guides are sent to our printer companies that will print and ship the paperback materials directly to the customer's address, observing the chosen shipping method when checking out your order. 

Some of our Printer Companies use other parties to deliver the paperbacks. You may receive packages from Amazon, for instance.

Please note if there is any problem with the delivered order you will need to contact our Resources Office and not the company which delivered your order. That’s the only way we will be able to investigate and proceed to make things right with our customers. You will find more instructions on how to request a RETURN/REFUND for your order on its related section.



Please note that we cannot guarantee estimate delivery time

In general terms our printers advertise as estimated print time varying between 10-20 business days. Consider on the top of that the of the shipping speed method you have chosen - options are stated below.

       - Although it often goes much faster, we strongly recommend that you consider these estimated times to plan when it’s the best time to place your order. It’s good to be safe.

       - We currently provide two options for shipping method that will be passed on and observed by our printers once your order is printed and ready for shipping:

  • Economy Shipping (5-9 days) USPS First Class or similar (tracking number is not always available for economy method)
  • Priority/Expedite Mail (3-5 days) USPS Priority Mail Service or similar

If you have any special need to receive an order for physical product faster than the displayed options, please email resources providing a detailed information of what you are looking for and will be glad to verify if there is any other expedite alternatives available for you.

Shipping tracking informationNote that we cannot provide automatic printing & shipping status information on your order. But we will be glad to verify an order’s status for our customers upon request.

Unsuccessful delivery attempts – Any returned package due to multiple unsuccessful delivery attempts will be kept on hold until customer informs resources the reason and requests a re-shipping.

Please note:

  •   We may need to request a new delivery address;
  •   extra costs due to office's labor, handling, repackaging, shipping label, etc will be calculated and applied to the original order. 

Special orders We may be able to receive special orders for some of the physical products that we used to have available, upon consultation via email.

International Shipping & Shipping Regions - Please note that work with a few Printer Companies around the world. We try our best to keep our Resources webstore reflecting these regions and respective costs. If you are tried and for any reason have not been able to place an order with your delivery address, please email us at informing what product you are trying to purchase and the delivery address for your order.

For all other information and needed help

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us at (828) 696-9075 x.707 and leave a voice mail, or for faster service please send an email to providing a detailed information on what we can help you with.