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Sexual Imprinting

Mp3 Downloadable Audio with Betsy Kylstra

God’s plan was to put a burning desire in us to share ourselves with one person in an intimate oneness. Satan’s plan was and drive individuals into a life of secrecy, sexual oppression, and brokenness.

The majority of people have felt the entrapment of the vicious cycles and shame that comes with sexual sin and addiction. In a hyper-sexualized society how does the church begin to approach this often shameful and taboo arena? The Sexual Imprinting teaching couldn’t be a more relevant for us today in our need for healing and restored sexuality.  

Betsy addresses sexual issues in a real and life-giving way, sharing the good news that God wants to heal us of sexual brokenness. This teaching continues into a time of ministering to sexual imprinting including prayer and confession of sexual generational sins, addressing beliefs of sexual identity, forgiveness, breaking ties with sexual partners, inviting the Lord into imprinting experiences, and the restoration of purity and Godly imprinting.



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