Thorough Format Ministry Training

Thorough-Format Ministry training builds upon what you learned and experienced in the Issue-Focused Ministry format training–it takes you to the next level. The Observation Step is the first of three major steps that make up Thorough-Format Ministry training and the Thorough Format Observation Video Course (TFOVC) is our distance learning tool designed to help you take that first step.

Individuals interested in taking this course will need to have met the following pre-requisites prior to applying for the TFOVC:

Attended or watched via video the Healing and Deliverance Seminar
Own and have read the book, Restoring The Foundations
Listened to all the teachings found on the disc, Essential Teachings
Successfully completed Issue-Focused Ministry Training
Ministered Issue-Focused RTF Ministry to a minimum of 4 individuals while serving their local church

The total cost of the TFOVC is $350 per person and includes:

Online Streaming Access to all Course Videos
RTF Ministry Tools 3 – Digital Edition
TFOVC Course Workbook – Digital Edition

Optional Course Materials include (These items will be available for purchase after you have been approved to take the video course):

Course Videos via DVD Rental (DVDs must be returned at the end of the course)
RTF Ministry Tools 3 – Print Edition
TFOVC Course Workbook – Print Edition

For questions or more information about the Thorough Format Observation Video Course prior to applying, please email us at: