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Understanding Demonic Strongholds

Mp3 Downloadable Audio with Chester Kylstra

A Demonic Stronghold is a structure composed of a foundation provided by Sins of the Fathers and the Resulting Curses, Ungodly Beliefs, Spirit/Soul Hurts, and Demonic Oppression. The complexity of this structure can range from relatively simple to quiet complex, with many different parts and interconnections.

In this informative teaching, Chester Kylstra introduces and explains demonic strongholds, as well as explaining how we can better position ourselves so God can destroy the strongholds in our lives. This teaching will cover:

  • Structural representations of demonic strongholds
  • Understanding Holy Spirit led strategy and why we need it       
  • How the four Problem/Ministry Areas are used against strongholds
  •  Biblical Examples of God providing a strategy to destroy strongholds
  • Examples of Demonic Stronghold groupings


Demonic Strongholds must be identified, disassembled, and demolished one part at a time, following a strategy given by the Holy Spirit. By understanding strongholds we gain an awareness of their presence and ultimately what we need to break free of their affects.


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